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Datacomp Distributor Assistant: A Smart App for Your Smart Advisors and Agents

Distributor Assistant App

Speeding up the presales process and ensuring sales readiness of the individual sales professionals is a common challenge faced by distributors and intermediaries in the financial services domain. Datacomp Distributor Assistant App helps your Sales Advisors and Agents take a quantum leap by streamlining your presales function.

Mobilize your sales force with Datacomp Distributor Assistant-the top-grade presales automation platform for insurance distributors, agents, and on-field advisors. Factoring in the time-shortage and self-service requirements of sales professionals, Distributor Assistant is built as a native app for Android with Xamarin for cross-platform scalability.

Datacomp Distributor Assistant App
Streamline your pre-sales function and enable your insurance intermediaries – Advisors and Agents – to take a quantum leap with Distributor Assistant App.
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  • Speedy Training Operations: Remotely train your on-field sales force with Distributor Assistant. You can complete your All India training objectives in a short time at no incremental costs.
  • Quality Training: Equip your sales teams with usable information assets such as product brochures, customer case studies, whitepapers and simple (yet effective) infographics.
  • Revenue Maximization: Help your sales warriors maximize revenues with the aid of timely personalized tips, tricks, and advice to customers and prospects.
  • Motivation and Rewards: Motivate your teams using gamified contests to reward good performers. Access data on business generated by each agent and advisor-in real-time.
  • Interactive Query Resolution: The app enables distributors and brokers to post online policy-related queries targeted at the insurer’s support team. The chat feature further boosts interactivity as well as time-saving for agents and advisors by facilitating quick response to queries.

Datacomp’s Distributor Assistant allows agents and advisors to organize their sales tasks-end-to-end.

  • Get Organized: With our app, advisors and agents can automate all activities including Appointments, Client Calls, Field Calls, Calendar of Premiums Due/Overdue, Goal Setting, Income Planner, Proposal Planning, Logging and Downloading Activity Reports, Online Policy Queries, Birthdays and Anniversaries of Policyholders.
  • Set Targets: The app allows insurance intermediaries to set goals for their individual sales team members.
  • Monitor Progress: Stakeholders can track staff performance across various parameters including the number of deals closed and policies sold.
  • High Sales Productivity: Leaders can conduct joint calls with field sales staff while geo-tagging them to ensure high sales productivity and market coverage.

Developed as a native app for Android it employs Xamarin for platform portability. Built using advanced technologies including MS Visual Studio.NET 2013, MS-SQL Server 2008/2012 database and Windows 2008/2012 Server Standard Edition (and above) the solution flawlessly integrates with the existing enterprise systems for seamless information sharing. The app’s multiple-hierarchy module securely shares data based on a user’s role. It integrates with MIS for both-submission and issuance of a policy.