Datacomp Pre-Conversion Verification Call Solution for IRDA Compliance
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Meet your IRDA Compliance Objectives with Ease

Phase out Manual Error, Manipulation, and Fraud

Cut paper | Cut costs

Curb Errors | Curb Management Hassles

Datacomp PCVC: Your One Stop Solution to Pre-Conversion Verification Call Automation

Pre-conversion Verification Call

Is your presales customer verification, a time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome activity? Automate the entire process with Datacomp’s Pre-Conversion Verification Call (PCVC) solution. Our class-leading digital solution can be customized to meet your specific business needs while helping you achieve the IRDA compliance objectives-simultaneously.

Eliminate the potential human errors with our secure and cost-efficient solution platform. Tap more customers as you speed up the presales verification calls process without a quality compromise.

Pre-Conversion Verification Call Solution
Automate pre-conversion verification call with Datacomp Pre-Conversion Verification Call Solution. Security, accuracy, speed and cost-savings guaranteed.
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Curb misinformation by advisors or agents to protect customer- interest. Even as PCVC speeds up verification call processes, it trims associated costs-service center management, voice communication, printing stationery, and storage/retrieval management.

Eliminate human error, misplaced documentation, and manipulation with PCVC’s standard, automated process backed by multilingual audio play to verify policy details. Robust security snips off fraud eventualities with geo-tagging, OTP, automated client photo capture and face detection.

Datacomp PCVC’s audio script is made suitable for the advisor’s channel and the product being sold. Our inbuilt hardware restriction ensures 100% client attention-an important precaution for your compliance needs. What’s more, users get real-time access to MIS and Search features-in addition to special Admin features for Super users.

Built with cutting edge technologies such as Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JBOSS, Oracle11g, and Xamarin, Datacomp PCVC smoothly integrates with an insurer’s backend system for quick information exchange. Supported by a full-fledged mobile app for Android and iOS, the solution instantaneously completes verification upon a proposal being logged in.