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Mobile Magic

Mobile Magic


Datacomp has several mobile and tab based applications for intermediaries

  • Mobile Magic is a suite of handy applications for smart phones.
  • It enables insurance advisors to use the application to calculate various queries of customers.
  • The application is compatible across mobile phone platforms.
  • Advisor can calculate various insurance and financial needs and can share results with customers via SMS.
  • Products include – Premium Calcuator, Insurance Calculator, Need Analysis Calculator and Life Insurance Portfolio System.
Mobile Magic


  • Policy Look-Up
  • Premiums Due List with Latefee
  • Premium Outstanding List
  • Customers Look-up
  • SBs & Maturities
  • Multi-User facility available at no extra cost
Mobile Magic


  • Multi-User facility available at no extra cost
  • Service New Leads Any Time, Anywhere
  • Provide On-the-Spot Advice such as Loan Availability
  • Expand the Locations and Occasions of Customer Engagement and Sales
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