Datacomp Content Management System App: Marketing collateral distribution simplified
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Content Management System App

Do your advisors find it difficult to get updated product information on time? Place the updated marketing collateral right inside the pocket of every advisor with Datacomp Content Management System (CMS). Available as the native build for Android, our App simplifies showcasing the accurate product info to end-customers. Add finesse to customer communication even as the app cuts down the content distribution costs in no time.

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Equip your agents and advisors with the error-free product marketing collateral with Datacomp’s CMS app. Make the relevant content accessible to agents and advisors at the finger-touch.

  • Cut costs: Lower your collateral distribution costs—drastically!
  • Gain speed: Reduce the time-to-market of products as the presales-readiness of your sales warriors gets a speed-boost.
  • Motivation: Motivate your agents and advisors to sell more with innovative use of technology.
  • Impress: Improve the hit rate of every sales conversation. The user-friendly mobile app displays high-res visual content without latency.
  • Add voice: Enhance the effect of sales presentations by adding voice-overs as required.
  • Brand image: Fortify your corporate brand identity as the tech-savvy organization.
  • Security: Prevent unauthorized usage with rugged authentication. Distribute and broadcast only the approved content securely with Maker-Checker controls.

Access to product presentations, FAQs, Leaflets, Ready Reckoner, Mailers, e-learning modules was never so easy for agents and advisors! Datacomp CMS delivers a range of user-oriented benefits.

  • Responsive: The app automatically resizes images to suit different form factors—from 5″ to 7″ phones
  • Highly customizable: Add or remove distributors, modify training documents, or update the marketing material at will.
  • Offline access: Users can bookmark their favorite content for quick access and offline view.
  • User-friendly: Needs no user training. Searching content on-demand is quick and easy too.
  • Tagging: Every content item can be tagged as sharable or restricted determining visibility as per the user’s channel.
  • Graphics support: Designed with the needs of on-field sales executives in mind, the app provides an excellent support for displaying high-intensity graphics to engage customers.
  • Portability: Although a native build for Android (for KitKat and later versions), the mobile app incorporates Xamarin for portability to iOS.
  • Flexibility: New content can be added with ease. Supports a range of file formats including HTML, PDF, MP4, JPG, or live links.