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Datacomp Combo Solutions

Datacomp Combo Solutions is the class-leading sales enabling toolkit that automates the highly complex and time-consuming exercise of insurance product recommendation. Empower your sales force and agency channels as our solution helps them recommend the right product to the right customer with speed and accuracy. The suite covers the entire spectrum of insurance and retirement plans-end to end.

Empower your sales force and agency channels with Datacomp Combo Solutions, the class-leading sales enabling tool for insurance product recommendation.

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Datacomp’s Combo Solutions offers you a range of business advantages while automating the presales product recommendation process.

  • IRDA Compliance: Curb potential misinformation by sales executives or agents. Avoid legal issues and penalties as Combo helps you achieve 100% compliance with an IRDA-mandated code of conduct norms.
  • Win Business Deals: Your advisors can now rapidly turnaround leads into deals with presentations that pack strong, need-based storylines and engaging illustrations.
  • Grow Your Ticket-Sizes: Datacomp Combo helps you grow your ticket-sizes. Equipped with greater product knowledge, advisors can sell multiple policies simultaneously while connecting better with prospects.
  • Achieve Rapid Business Growth: Outperform your competition as you expand your market share and reach rapidly with every sale.
  • Win the Competition Game: Build a strong bond of trust with your valued customers. With Combo Solutions, your well-informed customers translate to repeat business; even as you reduce client-management hassles.
  • Impress with Style: Combo Solutions ensures relevant and effective sales presentations—enhanced with real life examples.
  • Personalized Presentations: Customize each slide with automatic inclusion of your client’s personal info such as name and age. Generate highly personalized presentations with minimal inputs such as client’s age, budget or financial goals.
  • Get Real: Enrich your presentations by including Real Life Cases, Rich Illustrations, and Storylines with Combo Solutions.
  • Cut Training Costs: Combo provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that calls for minimal or no training.

Datacomp’s highly scalable Combo Solutions smoothly integrates with the existing technology systems in the corporate environment. The suite has been developed using the advanced technologies including:

  • MS Visual Studio.NET 2013/2015
  • .NET
  • MS-SQL Server 2008/2012
  • Windows 2008/2012 Server (and above)