Curtail Policy Surrenders with Datacomp’s Customer Retention Solution
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Customer Retention Solution

Successfully dissuade your customers from surrendering their insurance policies with Datacomp’s Customer Retention Solution. Identify the true reasons behind a customer’s desire to surrender a policy. The solution enables your support staff to resolve customer doubts and unanswered queries and assuage their ill-founded apprehensions with quick supply of right information about the customer and policy held.

It’s now feasible to identify the exact reason behind policy surrenders and improve customer communication. Equip support staff to resolve issues even by cross-selling the right policies with our Customer Retention Solution.

Curb insurance policy surrenders with Datacomp’s customer retention solution. Guide your disgruntled customers with empathy and right information.

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Improve IRDA compliance and avoid hefty penalties with automated retention assistance of Datacomp Customer Retention. Expedite your organization’s customer retention process. Our solution allows customers to access policy presentations upon request.

  • Management controls: Keep a tab on retention efforts such as the number of surrenders, successful retentions, and presentations generated versus policyholders/policies retained.
  • Efficiency and transparency: Cut down time-lags in query response and communicate with customers with accuracy and transparency.
  • Succeed with persuasion: Persuade your customers to retain the policies held by illustrating their true benefits with the help of solution-backed insights.
  • Avert revenue loss: Recommend the right product that suits a customer’s requirements and avoid potential revenue loss for the organization.

Our Customer Retention Solution allows you to automate the entire retention process, minimizing manual efforts of support staff.

  • Trim your costs: Cut staff training costs and dependence on an individual staff member’s skills to ensure customer retention.
  • Avoid mis-communication: Reduce scope for misunderstandings or miscommunication. It’s now practicable to impose the use of a unified script for client communication by all customer-interfacing support executives.
  • Win Trust through Insights: Explain insurance products to consumers with insightful presentations on individual policies.

Datacomp’s Customer Retention solution has been developed using:

  • .NET and SQL Server
  • MS Visual Studio.NET 2013/2015
  • MS-SQL Server 2008/2012 database
  • Windows 2008/2012 Server Standard Edition (and above)