Datacomp Leadership App for Insurance business development officers
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Leadership App

Is it tough for your channel sales managers to track the performance of agents and advisors? Keep a tab on their sales targets and strategies with Leadership App from Datacomp Web Technologies. Make the last minute surprises a thing of the past as our app takes you closer to agents and advisors. Track the activities like calls made, targets contacted, and prospects approached-in real time. The app also simplifies the tasks such as field force motivation programs and on-field collaboration.

Boost the performance of insurance business development officers with Datacomp Leadership App. Help your leaders track and motivate channels with diligence.

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An integrated interaction platform that converges agency management efforts, Datacomp Leadership App helps boost channel sales revenue while delivering a range of business advantages.

  • Collaborate: Guide your on-field advisors through Joint Calls.
  • Geo-tagging: Expand market coverage through geo-tagging for field visits.
  • Recruitment: Attract and retain good distributors.
  • Motivate: Improve the distributor performance through Recognition and Rewards.
  • Contests: Boost your leaders’ performance with the contests feature.
  • Lean management: Slash down distribution management costs.

The only product in the market designed to address the unique challenges of the channel champions in the insurance industry, Datacomp Leadership app is being used by over 3,000 professionals today.

  • Goal-setting: Set targets for your agency channels based on their track record-Ambitious, Aggressive, or Moderate.
  • Vigilant supervision: Monitor the recruitment and performance figures on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis.
  • Get Microscopic: Review the minute details such as the number of branch visits records, call types (e.g. Recruitment), performance dialog records, technology drive records-Weekly and Monthly.
  • Income accrued: View the tentative commission earned by the leader.
  • Income planned: View the projected income for the current month.
  • Stay updated: Access the latest product Information including new product launches, brochures, leaflets, presentations and videos.
  • Marketing collateral: Get quick access to personalized mailers, insurance concept templates, promotional material, achievements and announcements to promote products and services.
  • Personalized communication: Send greetings for Birthdays and Anniversaries to your clients via SMS or WhatsApp. Choose from a range of designs to personalize every communication.

The mobile app is developed using Xamarin and SQL Server, is compatible with the existing enterprise systems. Users can install it by downloading it on their mobile phones. The user-friendly app requires only a few hours of training-that too, only for those without prior knowledge of (any) enterprise mobile app.