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Recruitment Solution

Bring home more agents quickly and efficiently. Use Datacomp’s Recruitment solution to digitally target, test and recruit insurance agents. Our solution’s online and mobile platforms help leaders to automate agent onboarding with accuracy and speed. It’s now possible to efficiently organize large-scale agent recruitment for your organization.

Ease insurance agent recruitment process, attract more prospects and evaluate the efforts with Datacomp’s recruitment solution.

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Our full-featured solution facilitates a range of tasks including online tests, secure score access modules, automatic evaluations, and automatic stage-wise processing of the prospects.

  • Attract More Candidates: Identify and target new prospects with attractive online presentations to widen the net for recruitment.
  • Get the Right Agent: Empower recruiters and business leaders with Datacomp’s intuitive digital recruitment solution to identify the right candidate for the right job.
  • Hire Fast: Improve turnaround times by allowing insurers to evaluate multiple prospects at one go.

With a domain expertise built over three decades of experience, Datacomp’s Recruitment Solution packs a comprehensive set of features. The solution’s mobile app adds a handsome share of smartness and convenience.

  • Impress with Numbers: Equip leaders with useful tools such as Income Calculator to show income forecasts to the prospects.
  • Recruitment Collaterals: Send personalized videos, images and BOP presentations to prospects based on their profiles—age, part-time professionals, housewives, and retired professionals, etc.
  • Provide Insights: Share business proposals like earning potential and opportunities with prospects.
  • Future Reuse: The solution also saves test results for reporting purposes.
  • Prospect Analysis: Get the consolidated status of all the recruitments in progress and completed-stage wise and lead-wise.

Our solution’s Xamarin powered mobile app is designed with high-intensity graphics, easily configurable, and portable to iOS. The solution is built using advanced technologies including:

  • MS Visual Studio.NET 2013
  • MS-SQL Server 2008/2012 database
  • Windows 2008/2012 Server Standard Edition or above